Church Planting, Part 2

Someone once said, “Teamwork makes the dream work! When talking about church planting, we have to work together as a team. No one person can carry the weight and responsibilities of planting on their own. Team is how God intended us to fulfill the mandate of the church. Everyone should have their role and responsibility within the body.

Here are some ideas on how to make team work:

1) Being “CONNECTED”





Here are some questions we have to ask ourselves as we fight to stay connected:

1. Knowing who we do this for?  Jesus has to be the common denominator.

2. Who we do this with. Again, we are doing this with and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

3. Why we do this? If we are doing this for each other, we will eventually kill each other through our words or hurtful actions. We have to know that we are doing this all for Jesus!

As we keep our focus on Jesus, why we do what we do helps people to get on board and buy into what we He is doing!!

2) Usisng our “CREATIVITY”

Ephesians 3:10 “so that through the church the wisdom of God in it’s rich variety might be made known”

– Diversity in gifts

– Expressive in our individuality and togetherness

– Bigness. We have to stay big in our endeavors. Once we shrink our way of thinking we are reacting to our circumstances rather than responding to what God has said.

– Organic. Keeping our attention on what is growing and being willing to end anything that doesn’t show signs of life.

– Flexible. The Lord doesn’t always move the way we want Him to move and we have to be willing to allow for the different expressions of the Holy Spirit to make His way into our meetings.

– Bold. Go BIG! Don’t hold back and allow our insecurities to hinder the work of the Spirit. We have a big task and it is going to take bold people to accomplish it!

We don’t want to make a splash but have an IMPACT in our regions!!


– Leading & living with a radical edge! Hearing God and acting on what we have heard.

We have to stand on the written word and we have to be in His presence to hear His spoken word! When we are armed with what He has said, we can stand firm in whatever circumstances come our way!


– We cannot preach a radical message and live a conservative life!! We have to be strong and courageous in the face of a world that is constantly discouraging and opposing every value we are fighting for.

Living on the edge is not a choice of a church planter but an obligation!


When we get together we should be ‘unquietely’ optimistic in those things we believe in and have faith for! This kind of encouragement is contagious and infects those around us. It is how we create a culture of encouragement. We all need to be encouraged just as we all need to be encouragers!

6)”CELEBRATE” One thing I have grown to appreciate about Ameircan Football is that after a great play the player/players will celebrate. They may not have won the game at that moment they are celebrating but they relish the moment that they beat their opponent in that situation. This is something of what the church should look like, celebrating each and every victory. I believe we should honor and encourages each other publicly and privately as we acknowledge what God has done at that moment!! Again, we get to develop a culture of praise & should fight to keep it!!

Look for part 3 next week…